During the long period of trading chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, we built up strong  strategical cooperations with well-known, multinational manufacturers, distributers and agents, all over the world.  Based on strong and reliable business cooperations either with our suppliers, our local agents and our supply chain partners, we offer a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API´s)  for human and veterinary use, food or feed additives, antibiotics, aminoacids, herbal extracts and products as agrochemicals and others.

 All our business partners either suppliers, freight forwarders, handling and service partners are ISO certified companies.

Thru our strong relations in the supply chain we work since many years in reliable and deep grown partnerships with our customers and our sales agents mainly in Central- and Southamerica.

Our customers are multinational groups as well as local laboratories or distributors.

Our understanding and daily target is the trustfull relationship with our partners, either suppliers as customers. We focus on longlasting, strategical and growing cooperations.

If you are searching for a reliable sourcing partner to build up substantial relationships with recognized manufacturers and suppliers, we will be happy to serve you.

If your company is interested to expand your sales to markets in Central and Southamerica we will be glad to launch your products thru our well established trade channels.

Please see a brief overview of our product range on the products site.

If you look for products not mentioned, pls do not hesitate to contact us on our contact site.